5 Common Spray Foam Roof Misconceptions

Are you considering spray foam roofing? As a homeowner, you want to ensure that your roof is properly maintained and cared for to provide the utmost protection against the elements through all kinds of weather. Spray foam roofing can help you achieve this and more, thanks to the material’s unique traits. 

Unfortunately, many misconceptions about traditional spray foam roofs keep them from getting the most out of their investment in this insulation system. To help you understand how to care for your spray foam roof and get the desired results, we’re outlining five common misconceptions below. So, before you search for “spray foam near me”, keep reading this blog post!

1. Spray Foam Roofing Is The Same As Spray Foam Insulation

While spray foam insulation and roofing can be achieved with the same foam material, they require different setups and installation methods. Foam insulation is used to seal openings in your walls, while foam roofing is installed over the top of your home to provide extra protection against rain, wind, and other elements.

2. Spray Foam Roofs Are Not Very Durable

On the contrary, spray foam roofs are incredibly durable and long-lasting. Foam roofs can last decades without needing repairs or replacements, making them an exceptionally valuable asset for any home. They are also very lightweight and do not strain your home’s structure.

3. Foam Boards Are Just As Good As Spray Foam

Foam boards are much less effective when protecting your roof from the elements. Foam boards provide minimal insulation and can easily get warped or damaged over time, leaving your home at risk of leaks and other issues. Sprayed foam, on the other hand, provides maximum protection and insulation for your roofing system.

4. The Foam’s Material Is Toxic

Many people believe that spray foam insulation is made of toxic materials, but this isn’t the case. Foam roofs are made of polyurethane and other non-toxic additives, making them safe for you and your family. You have nothing to worry about!

5. Spray Foam Roofs Absorb Water

Spray foam roofs are incredibly water-resistant but do not absorb water. Foam roofs are designed to repel moisture and dry your roof, which is why they are an effective insulation system. However, keeping an eye on your foam roof for any signs of standing water or leaks is important.

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