3 Benefits of Installing an Air Barrier

The structure of a property is one of the main points that homeowners have to look at to ensure they are living in a secure place. This includes constantly checking for weak points and making sure that the necessary maintenance is being done. But one thing that not all homeowners know is that the airflow inside their house is one of the factors that can affect the stability of the property.

Luckily, one practical solution to deal with this situation is air barriers. This material helps to significantly reduce or even stop the airflow between two adjacent areas in a structure. Air barrier insulation is an essential component of any construction project and should be considered part of the construction process. Keep reading this blog post to find out why!

The Purpose of The Air Barrier 

Generally speaking, air barrier insulation is used to decrease air infiltration and exfiltration, which is a process that lets air into or out of the building. Air barriers create an envelope that separates the inside from the outside and helps control indoor environmental conditions; this includes temperature, humidity, odors, pollutants, and noise.

Why Should You Install One?

Installing an air barrier effectively protects your house’s structure and improves the comfort of your home overall. If you are still undecided about getting this upgrade, here are three benefits of air barrier insulation that you should consider:

Lower Utility Bills

Air barrier insulation prevents drastic temperature changes between indoors and outdoors. By keeping the interior of a home more insulated, air barriers prevent the house from losing heat during cold seasons or gaining too much heat during summers, resulting in energy efficiency and, therefore, lower utility bills. 

Moisture Prevention

Air barriers protect your home from moisture damage by blocking water vapor from entering the building envelope. Air barrier insulation prevents any condensation caused by high humidity or cold winter temperatures, which can eventually cause structural damage to your property if not treated in time.

Better Indoor Air

Finally, air barrier insulation can also improve the air quality of any space by blocking airborne pollutants from entering. The heavier the insulation is, the better it will prevent outside air from getting into your home and affecting its interior conditions. Air barriers are also beneficial if you have a pet, as it keeps pet dander and other allergens out.

Let The Ohio Experts Install Your Air Barrier

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