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Why Choose Spray Foam Insulation? Safety. Durability. Reliability. Efficiency. These are just a few of the reasons that our customers have chosen Spray Foam Innovations. But wait, there's more, a lot more!

​Lower Energy Costs
Did you know that using spray foam insulation vs. traditional insulation significantly reduces your energy costs by an average of 40%? That's a good deal of wasted money on energy! Most of a building's energy is lost through leaks and crevices. Traditional fiberglass insulation comes in bats or rolls that must be cut to fit around corners and areas where items like power boxes may be placed. This process naturally lends itself to leaving gaps whereby energy escapes. Unlike traditional fiberglass insulation, spray foam expands, forming a protective barrier that fills the areas that traditional fiberglass insulation can not, thereby saving you on heating and cooling costs.

Indoor Environmental Health
Do you or your loved one experience seasonal allergies? Gaps sealed with spray foam give a more substantial barrier and can protect against dust, pollen, and insects. Spray foam also protects against moisture that could later result in mold and mildew.

Do you live near a busy road or an area with noise pollution? Spray foam can minimize the amount and degree of noise inside your home, as it provides a barrier against airborne sound transmission. Does your home have areas that are drafty? Spray foam helps you better regulate the indoor temperature of your home (as well as saving on energy costs!).

​Who We Are
We are a locally owned and operated business in Central Ohio. At Spray Foam Innovations we are your one-stop shop for every insulation need. We have a reputation for customer satisfaction and superior service, and we deliver an excellent product every single time. Our business is based on relationships with people and our community, and we take that reputation very seriously. We value our relationship with you, our customer. Your satisfaction is our priority. We weren't rated Home Advisor "Best of 2017" by chance, we earned that title by guaranteeing each and every service that we provide, each time. We have been providing Spray Foam Insulation services for years, and our portfolio of work and satisfied clients promotes its self. Phone us today and let us show you what Spray Foam Insulation can do for you!

Learn More About Spray Polyurethane Foam

Spray foam insulation takes cutting-edge technology and the demand for safe and long-lasting materials and combines them into one phenomenal result for your business, commercial, or residential property. Don't stop at just buildings though; we can insulate nearly any structure you can imagine and provide support and stability to any structure you already have. Don't spend any more of your time, energy, or money looking for a solution to your insulation problems.

We cover it all from walls, ceilings, attics, basements, crawl spaces, garages and even well lines. We will work with you to assess and appropriately address all of your insulation needs to help you live and operate more comfortably.

Spray foam is unique in its ability to eliminate spaces where air and energy escape your building or home. This escaping air adds up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars of losses in unnecessary energy costs every year. The versatility of our product is unique in its ability to adapt and mold itself into any space ensuring an airtight seal where you need it the most. ​

​Spray foam is applied as a liquid, and then it expands as a foam it is quite incredible to see. Every single inch that you need insulating is covered with a specialized formula of Spray Polyurethane Foam or SPF; this specialized formula is efficient, sustainable, and consistent.   ​

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Why Spray Foam Your Basement?

1. Spray foam insulation blocks moisture. Basements are prone to moisture from a variety of sources. Humid air from the outside can enter a basement from improperly insulated basement walls. Moisture from rain or groundwater can seep into a basement by concrete wall saturation. Tradition insulation cannot keep the moisture out, which leads to further problems like mold and mildew. To keep your home fungi-free and your family healthy, insulate with spray foam! Since spray foam insulation expands to fill every millimeter of space to which it is applied, moisture is kept at bay on the exterior of your home.

2. Spray foam keeps your basement warm. Heat rises, which means basements are at a disadvantage. Your central heating unit must work extra hard to keep your basement warm during the brutally cold winter months. Fortunately for you, spray foam is here to help! Spray foam is a non-porous material, meaning air cannot flow back and forth between it! Heat will stay right where it is supposed to - in your basement! No more high heating bills due to overworked heating mechanisms!

3. You save money with spray foam insulation. Though the initial cost of spray foam is higher than traditional insulation, you will save money in the long run by using spray foam insulation. In addition to saving you money on energy costs, spray foam’s non-porous properties mean that when it blocks out moisture (and by default mold and mildew), you won’t have to replace your insulation again after a few years! Replacing the traditional insulation in your basement is a cumbersome project requiring the removal and replacement of walls, as well as re-mudding the seams and screw holes and re-painting everything. The whole project is a money-sucking nightmare that you can postpone for much longer by using spray foam insulation in place of the traditional choices.

4. Spray Foam Insulation is more durable than traditional insulation. Polyurethane spray foam insulation has a lifespan track-record of 30 years or more. Combined with the impermeability of polyurethane spray foam against airflow and moisture, this long-lasting material stands the test of time against deterioration and disintegration. You can’t beat insulation that lasts through multiple generations!

5. Spray foam insulation strengthens your foundation. If your home should come under duress from a flooding situation, closed-cell spray foam insulation can resist moisture. Spray foam maintains shape and form under pressure, giving an added stability to the basement foundation walls. If you insulate your basement with a traditional material, you are likely at risk for higher energy costs, lower insulation lifespans, moisture retention, and a comparably weaker foundation. Insulate your basement with spray foam insulation and save...better yet, call the experts at Spray Foam Innovations and we will insulate it for you!